Merlin’s High Drops

Has anyone tried those High Drops by Merlin? If you have, how are they and would you recommend them? I love their chocolate bars and have been trying to find something that gives me the same or comparable high as those bars.


  • I just ordered the indica drops and will let you know. Wanted to get the hybrid one too but will have to wait on that for now.

  • @Reshi definitely would appreciate a review once you’ve tried it…..thanks

  • @leftmytimbsaturgirls
    I need to sample different doses at night but since I’m using flower too it’s difficult to gauge effect. I’ve liked what I’ve had so far but it did give me a slight hangover feeling in the morning. I took a dropper full but would look to double the dose next time. I like that I don’t have to worried about taking too much since it’s 10mg per dropper so dosing is easier. This is what I’m giving to family members with no tolerance so should be better for them as first time users.
    I would like to try the hybrid and sativa ones if they ever make a return.

  • More tinctures are ordered but they take a while to make.

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