Sativa High Drops instructions

@MerlinsMagic Hello there, I recently ordered the sativa high drops and I just had a question. I see that it says “Recommended Dosage is 2-4 Droppers under the tongue, which is approximately 10mg per dropper.” Now does that mean to take 2-4 “DROPS” or to fill the actual dropper and take a full dropper’s worth 2-4 times?


  • I bought the indica tincture and it’s 10mg per full dropper, so depending on your tolerance you can adjust from there.

  • Yes, 10mg for the whole dropper.

    A lot of people are sensitive in a different way to edibles.
    My hunny only likes 5mg doses of edibles even though they could smoke more. (Half dropper)

    Definitely depends on your body, and remember you can always take more but never take less!

  • CBD capsules do help anxiety attacks if you take too much and in like 15 minutes. You should throw some in for orders

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