Red Eyes Help

I know this is strange, but I am strugglinging with red eyes ALL THE TIME, even if I don't smoke. I can't cure it, no matter what I do. It's almost permanent. I went to see an ophthalmologist and was diagnoses with dry eye and given eye drops, but its not helping. Everyone keeps asking if I'm ok and I am. I just look like this. Does anyone else have trouble with this? Or does anyone know if this is related to smoking? Or another underlying issue? Thanks in advance for your input.


  • Do you drink lots of water? You could be dehydrated. If you started any new medication, you may want to look into side effects as some medications can cause dry eyes. Allergies can cause dry red eyes too

  • It could be all of the above. Dehydration, lack of sleep, screen time. Thanks for the comment

  • Naphcon-a or generic version. Absolutely the only thing that works for me and works instantly when I'm doing chemo.

  • Hey @Fallguy blessings to you if you have cancer my friend!

  • You need an allergist

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