Pre-Employment Testing


I am a graduate student applying for full-time positions at large engineering and technical firms; I am a data analytics major. I was wondering if anyone could provide some information on their industry and testing frequency, specifically if it relates to this field.

Thank You :)


  • @Alex Hope this helps. The company you're interviewing with will explain to you their policy of violating your 4th amendment rights clearly. I'm going to assume it will be just a standard easily passable urine test. If it's a well paying job...over $100k a year, then expect a hair test. As for randoms, they need to explain the policy which should be stated in their employee handbook. But drug testing does cost money, and most employers won't do randoms unless you give them a reason to.

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    @greatspirit How should I prepare for the "easily passable urine" test? How long should I stop and are there any methods that will improve the probability of me passing such a test?

    Thank you again for the Reddit link!

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