Loud's Cheetah Piss and The Lime pictures

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Cheetah Piss. My second order of this. Just as beautiful and fire like the last.

The Lime. Frosty dense buds that smell and taste like lime. Great speedy sativa like buzz and nice smooth smoke. Also fire. The bad, looks like the bottom of the bag. I've had smalls with less shake. Other then the 5-7 biggest buds it looks like smalls with shake thrown in. Kinda sucks for a premium price but I guess its luck of the draw. For a size comparison both pics are the same amount. The biggest lime buds are a little bigger than the smallest Cheetah piss bud.


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    They both look 🔥 but hear what your saying @00712in . I was considering the lime then it disappeared.. more than likely you got the end like you said. Never had bud that smelled/taste like lime though..lots of lemons strains which I ❤️. One of the retired shippers had GH Lemon Tree onc..it was delicious

  • Love lime but can't always do sativa

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    @00712in ur review put me over the top with Cheetah Piss. Received in 5 days. Thanx @LoudnCo. Got oz n think it's maybe 8 buds...
    Huge buds...smells like a litter box. Reminds me of old school "cat piss" strains but on steroids like description said.

  • Not many strains "wow" me anymore but the cheetah piss definitely did. Hopefully there will be more in the future.

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