Merlin’s gelato moon rocks

Don’t do reviews to much but felt compelled to share. These “moonrocks” are very very dry. I’d be hard pressed to believe there is any oil on them at all. The keif just falls off. It’s burns harsh very odd taste and very quickly. Love Merlin’s bud so won’t complain just would not recommend.


  • I’ll add I smoked those chunks in the picture and I had to smoke a bong of the slurrity I got when was done.

  • How's that slurrity?

  • Slurrity is good. No complaints there.

  • 😮 never had a bad batch from these guys before, will definitely inspect and see wtf is going on.

  • They dropped right after I posted this. No worries I love your flower. These were not a good first impression for moon rocks though. Your customer service is always appreciated @MerlinsMagic

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