Loud & co disposable pods

Great little pods, when they work. I've had 3 sets come in so far and one from each of 2 sets hasn't worked both times. Its a one piece system so there isn't much I can do to reclaim the resin either. First time the battery was disconnected from the system or somethin and now it's just blocked up with something at the bottom of the system, can't fish it out nor take them apart so..

Seems like these just have a higher fail rating than carts, just bought 2 of the blue dream 2g's from happy trees and they work fine. They are both similar styles of disposables but I hope these @HappyTrees disposables work better.


  • You can pop off the top and use a hair dryer to warm up the liquid, then drain to your chosen receptacle. There are very small indents right at the top of the pod where u can wedge something in there.

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