Animal tree or apple tart from merlin or premium 🍎 and 🍌 from loud

Just curious if anyone tried or had input on any these thanks


  • The Apples and Bananas was quality imo πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Awesome @OzBaxter appreciate it

  • @Vapedad78 the A&B is πŸ”₯! I was also eyeing some Animal Tree..haven't seen anything Lemon Tree in a while.

  • The apples and bananas is a top notch hybrid... A strong head high with relaxing body effects... But it doesn't put u to sleep.

  • Appreciate it @Noj81 definitely got lot of eye appeal damn. Also thanks @superman38NC and @OzBaxter knew people were raving and asking why wasn't on menu since they'd gotten and was good so when seen it hit been tryna work out way to fit in some lol

  • The very first batch of A&B from LOUD seemed slightly more potent. But I suspect it's also because I knew what to expect the second time. The first batch was a lucky sub and I was shocked at that πŸ”₯ . Either way, it's definitely worth grabbing some while available πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Sweet I'm definitely excited to try some reviews on leafly and whatnot sound intriguing as well so hopefully won't be too awful long fingers crossed with label made still looking for animal🌲 and 🍎tart label and test out some fruit salad in the name of science and health care, appreciate yalls input good looking out

  • Gotta say pretty pleased with the entire haul so far definitely can't complain and turnover was relatively quick for both merlin and loud this go round, keep up the great work it's greatly appreciated

  • How is the Apple Tart Vapedad78 Thinking about getting some

  • Pretty decent stuff

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