Killa Beez Half Gram Pre Rolls Pack

When I first got into working to legalize marijuana, my goal was to make it possible to be able to walk down to the corner store and pick up a pack of joints the same way as you could for a 6 pack of beer. Happy Trees has the packaging that fits into what I had in mind.

They say on the order page "The strains in each pack may vary per purchase but if there is a selection you prefer be sure to mention it in the comments section when you order and we will do our best to try and make sure you get it!"

Each order comes with an equal number of sativa, hybrid, and indica strains prerolled into 1/2 gram cones. You can get a 6 or 12 pack. They are well labeled and color coded for type. The joints are packed snug and the end is closed right so that they don't leak. I'm currently into about half a joint of Runtz right now. I also got some Trinity and some Cold Snap.

Some strains offered with the Killa Beez may not be on the menu here. I had no preferences for my order and that is what I got.

The only option to get a pack of these right now is one per order.


  • @justaguy I picked up these for our weekend trip. Didn't disappoint! I received HJelly, Acai Gelato, and Cold Snap. I fought the box for a min until I read the directions πŸ˜‚. Love the packaging. Also those drop gummies are πŸ”₯too. @HappyTrees I'm liking your products. Thx

  • @superman38NC - The locking mechanism does seem to be overbuilt, but it aligns with the very sturdy packaging. And how cool is it to gain a party favor when you take it out and show it to your friends?

    It borders on novelty, but I have no complaints. None of the strains have disappointed in the least either.

  • They have to make it child-proof so its sealed very well lol. First time I tried to open a pack I had no idea how to do it and was almost tempted to just rip the box open. I'm glad you guys are liking them!

  • Oh, childproof. That would explain my own many attempts to get the package open.

    ha ha. Seriously tho, it is easy to open once you figure it out. First, you hold your tongue on the right side of your mouth, then, gripping the package with a death grip, you yank and pull and tug and look at it a couple times... then you actually read the simple instructions... :smiley:

  • πŸ˜‚ @justaguy I do like the box. Problem with mine now is its empty πŸ™ So had to order another.. @HappyTrees how's the selection on those?

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    Right now our 6 pack is Purple Kona Breath (sativa) P.B. Breath (hybrid) and Blueberry Muffin (Indica)
    Our 12 pack is Chetah Piss (sativa) Vanilla Frosting (hybrid) and Gelato (indica).
    We're going to re-up soon and get more variety. There's a lot of pre-rolls to choose from so we might get other brands that are just strain specific soon, too.

  • @HappyTrees I placed an order earlier today so I'll be stoked to get your current pack..sounds πŸ”₯. Those Rude Boi freebies are amazing. I would love the option to purchase as an add on or like the sour d prerolls you had. Either way appreciate the excellent products!

  • @HappyTrees - Will there be an option to order more than 1 pack at a time in the future?

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    @superman38NC For pre-rolls its hard to get a lot of singles that are the same strain and also shipping large amounts are a pain to get into our boxes, especially if its a big order. I wanted to do it still but the rest of the team doesn't really and I understand why. For now we're going to stick to pre-roll packs because its just easier for us.

    @justaguy Potentially, we wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to buy them. If we get a large enough stock at some point we'll probably let people buy multiple in one order.

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    Thanks, @HappyTrees. The size of the packaging may be an issue, depending on if there are any other products with the order. The 1/2 oz. that I ordered along with the 12 pack was almost too much for the otherwise perfect sized packaging I usually get. Those fit my mailbox slot just right. (rant The UPS got lazy here and made all of us that live "out in the county" take down our old style mailbox and now we all have to drive out near the highway to get our mail out of a big, metal box. bleh! I miss my rural route.)

    Maybe you could combine the contents of the 2 boxes into one, make a 15 or 18 pack. The only reason I mention this is because I am a big fan of pre-rolls. One of our earlier suppliers used to offer sugar trim pre-rolls and were great for handing out to moochers, or for grabbing one while headed out the door but I didn't have time to roll one myself, or for when I ran out of flower.

    These Killa Beez joints are a much better quality than those, by far. I won't hand these out so freely. :smiley:

  • I'm with @justaguy I'd probably buy 2 packs at a time to cut down on shipping whenever that's an option. These KillaBeez preolls are appealing to me because of the variety. Oddly enough my 2nd order was delivered today! I'm off so I hit that Cheetah and wow! Says 30% On the box. Absolutely loved the effects. Any chance you guys can get Cheetah Piss flower @HappyTrees ? It's πŸ”₯!

  • Also appreciate the freebie J in the sweet little black box! Any chance you know what strain it is? Thx @HappyTrees

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    @superman38NC Yeah, I think our stock is at the point where can sell them in packs of twos. No Cheetah Piss right now but if I ever see it I'm going to grab it fast lol. Our freebie joints right now are Purple Sherbet.

  • Thanks for the info! @HappyTrees yes that Cheetah is dope!

  • The three latest strains I got was Citrique (s) which is a nice pick me up, Gary Payton (h) that is a nice wake and bake, and Garlic Juice (i) that does a good job with the couch lock.

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