Outdoor - Lemon from Happy Trees

If you can, I suggest you get some of this. It is a little gem hidden way down on the menu, and the price is right too.

Lemon lives up to the description. "It provides an extremely relaxed high without being accompanied by the typical sedative effects found in Indicas." I didn't get an "extremely relaxed high" but I was relaxed enough to enjoy the sativa aspect of this strain. It gives me a great mental lift, without any kind of couch lock.

This one would be great for hanging out at the lake, and while you watch the kids jump around in the water you sit back and enjoy freedom while thinking great thoughts. Then, when it's time to get up and crank up the grill, you're in the proper state of mind without feeling bogged down.

The flower is very aromatic. There is no mistake of what container I just opened when you smell it. I wish I could tell you about the taste, but it burns smooth, and not harsh in the slightest. My daughter (on the other side of the house) was hollering at me "that's some strong skunk".

Well done. @HappyTrees 10/10 on this one.


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