Love the freebies especially these

I love it when I get a seed or two in my order. Honestly! Currently going through probate on my family land in texas. Looks like it’s going to be sold and split between the survivors πŸ˜”

Been living here taking care of my dad for several years now looks like we’re going to have to move. But not without a parting gift. 😈😈😈😈 I’m going to take all my seeds I’ve collected and plant them every where on the property. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ to the new owners, may the odds be ever in your favor πŸ˜‚ #peace #treefarm


  • I would suggest you first determine which are male and then separate and replant

  • I haven't saw a seed in a bag of flower in years. Wouldn't mind coming across a few . Would be nice if they decided to offer female seeds on the site

  • Two terms come to mind while reading this. These originate from my younger days when 4% THC was the absolute best you'd hope for. The first term is 'sinsemilla'; you always wanted sinse. And the other term was 'seeds and stems'; a rounding ditty could be sung, too.
    I'll add that the seeds we get in these purchases may not be viable (this happens a lot with hybrid seeds). Or if they are viable, they may not reproduce offspring similar to the parent. Good luck.

  • @Tbloom - It's rare for me to get seeds myself. Back when there were fires where the suppliers are, I got an order of outdoor with a few seeds but didn't try to grow any of them.

    There is something missing in our modern day cannabis consumption, and that is exploding joints. You remember: roll up a joint after you sifted the seeds but missed one... fire it up and blam! Your tee shirt now has a new, small burn hole in it, and your sitting there rapidly patting your belly trying to put the fire out. :smiley: Good times.

  • HAHAHA... I can look for feminized seeds, never thought of it.

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