Loud's Excellent Hawaiian Strains

Recently ordered and obtained Loud's Godzilla Glue and Dutch Hawaiian strains. Took slightly over a week to receive my order. Both strains were sticky and fresh with large sativa type nuggets. I repeatedly ordered both of these strains from Loud when they were on the menu in 2022 and 2019. The quality of both strains this time is superior to previous batches in looks, taste, and high. Godzilla Glue is a Kona Gold by Gorilla Glue cross while Dutch Hawaiian is a Dutch Treat by Hawaiian Snow cross. Both strains offer long lasting Sativa highs that are slightly speedy. They are NOT an appetite stimulant. A half gram of either strain will produce a 3-4 hour high that is highly euphoric and lysergic with bright colors and enhanced audio effects. Would purchase both strains repeatedly if available. If well grown, Hawaiian strains are among my favorite landrace strains due to their long lasting racy effects. Both of these strains will produce a trippy, lysergic high at the one gram plus level. IMO, the Dutch Hawaiian strain is a bit more potent and more spiritual in its effects than even the Godzilla Glue strain. Must compliment both Loud and Merlin for obtaining RARE Hawaiian and Thai sativa strains. Thank you for responding to the requests of Sativa loving customers. Old time stoners like me prefer these exciting Sativa strains over Hybrid and Indica strains every time. Some of us are not into "couch lock" strains.


  • Definitely concur, took tiny test of each in the name of science and was very pleased with bad appeal and effects both @LoudnCo appreciate yall and the high quality at decent ticket

  • Thx for the info. I may have to try some now. The Hawaiian bud I enjoyed in the mid -90s is one of my favorite strains.

  • I tried the Dutch Hawaiian this weekend. It's straight fire and I should've bought more. Thanks for the recommendation!

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