Sour Apple Shatter

Oh ya this is the high I’ve been waiting to discover for myself. Very strong from the start. After 4 dabs I did find myself asleep in my recliner. I don’t sleep well so I’m very pleased after that little snooze. And I usually don’t sleep after any amount of dabs in a row. That’s saying alot.


  • Yay! I'm glad you found a winner! 😊💚

  • Totally agree! I worked my way through 4 incredible grams of this amazing, glass like shatter and was thoroughly pleased with taste and effects. Beautiful shatter, super brittle, great taste, loved it!! Great job Merlin!! By the way, I should mention that this was received 3 days after I ordered. Fastest ever. Amazing!!

  • Very nice dabadabido

  • @dabadabido So happy you got magical meds with a magical speed, we always attempt that. I am having a hard time getting the photo up on the site, feel free to post here if you can.

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