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Has anyone else had issues with the vape carts? I just placed an order today, but decided not to include vapes yet until checking in here, because in my last order i got four of the Gelato carts, the first one i smoked was fantastic, except towards the end when it clogged a bit, but i managed to finish it, and I understood because i know they can get clogged sometimes, no worries. The problem is when i started the second cart, at first i got very light wispy smoke, for like 3 puffs, and then nothing at all. I thought it was my battery, so i tried different batteries, already fully charged, and nothing. I tried the third Gelato cart, on the same batteries, and that one works fine, im in the process of smoking it now. I haven’t tried the fourth one yet, but i am concerned because of the one that didn’t work, the second one, its not clogged, there is plenty of airflow, u can draw, but it just doesnt work at all, u get nothing, the only thing that heats up is the battery. Does anyone know if there is any way to fix this, or at least salvage the product inside? Has anyone else had this happen or had issues with the vape carts? I don’t want to waste such expensive medicine, especially when I really need it and its already so pricey, so if anyone has any advice on how i can get this to work, it would be so appreciated. Thanks 😊👍🏼


  • Are these the Cake vapes from Merlin? Those are the only ones I order. Haven't run into this yet.

  • Unfortunately I can’t remember the shipper, I know it was a full gram live resin cart and it was Gelato, the cart itself was full white, mouth piece and bottom, with black lettering that says AVELL on the white bottom piece that connects to the battery, and it had a large black A printed on the glass part, not sure if this will even help 😔 The worst part is that this is from an order back in January, I've never had this problem and I buy carts from here all the time, I'm always happy, so I didn’t even think to check them all immediately, the first one worked fine, i assumed they all would, as always, and i only recently finished it. If i had known immediately, at least i could have let them know, I'm sure they would have made it right, but I didn’t even give it a second thought, and now its so far out that I'm stuck with the broken one, there isn’t anything i can do, so i was hopeful that someone had an idea of how to fix it or get it to work, or how to get the product out so i can still use it, maybe someone has run into a broken cart from here before and knows how to get it working? I knew it was a long shot, but I figured Id check 🤷🏻‍♀️ If anyone has any suggestions, id be grateful, Ill try anything to salvage this precious medicine, its so expensive to just throw away, and to be honest, i really need it, Im disabled and i get this for medicinal use…..

  • You can transfer the liquid from the bad one to an empty good one using a hair dryer/heat gun and gravity. Search youtube for transferring vape oil. Lots of vids where u just tape the bad one to the good one where it will flow and hit it with the heat. A word of warning though, most of these vape carts are made for one time use so if u transfer to an empty used one u may get a lot of clogging, etc. Try to keep the heating to a minimum and try to only hit the liquid up top, if u heat up the lower part where the atomizer is too much u will be guaranteed clogging.

  • Oh gosh, I wouldn’t even begin to know how to do that 🥺 Is there no other way to remove the vape oil, like with a syringe of some kind maybe? Is there really no way to get the cartridge itself to work? What could be wrong with it? I can’t even figure out why it wont work 😢 I have a bad feeling its going to go to waste, what a waste of money for something that doesn’t work 😔

  • They make a syringe you can recover oil with after heating and thinning out the oil

  • This happened to me with one of the disposable vapes I got. The carts are good but one of the cake disposable stopped charging a day after I started using it :( I was wanting to somehow get the oil out but don’t know how I’d manage that.

  • Crack it open over a bowl by squeezing it with pliers?

  • @StarLizzyG plesee email for as replacement. The cakes are usually good but they had a new person one day. I thought I returned the whole batch but one must have slipped through

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