Purple Diesel Crumble

Tend to think of myself as almost in the veteran category of smoker, and this crumble made me second guess that a bit in a good way. Truly a delayed effect as stated in the write up, never experienced that with wax before. I took two decent dab rips and headed off to grocery store as usual feeling fairly focused and thinking maybe I should have taken one more (this was a walmart run). But soon after entering the consumer hell that is wally world I was lost buying random early gifts for my kids and emerged from the store almost an hour later with half of what I needed and a lot I didnt. So I put it more in the recreational / night category for me, initially subtle but extremely strong once I honed in on what this strain was doing upstairs. Taste,potency, cleanliness on the nail all top notch though. Thanks again for your services!!


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    Thanks for posting this! I'm waiting on some Lemon Gelato Crumble myself. First time using it.Does crumble have a lot of flavor? I don't have a dab rig/nail. I have a pax 3 and am hoping that will work ok. Besides adding to dry herb any suggestions?

  • It should have tons of flavor if similar to mine, hard to beat flavor of low temp dab rip thru a proper rig but I'm sure pax will do just fine.

  • Received my order today. Anyone else get excited to see these packages in the mailbox? Like Christmas every time!

    I don’t have a concentrate attachment for my pax 3 (ordering one) nor a dab nail/bong. So I added the lemon gelato crumble to the free bud I requested and received (thank you MM!) Sour Goji Purple (amazing in itself)..vaped in my pax 3 and finally I’ve hit another level of high! Tons of energy and intense focus..almost like being in another dimension:-) Good stuff!

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