Merlin’s shipment has disappeared - was out for delivery today

Hi everyone! Ordered late last Friday evening (just concentrates - no flower). It shipped fast and tracked perfectly through ID and was out for delivery this morning. Nothing ever showed and the item is now gone from ID (no delivery confirmation). This is the first time in the past three years this has ever happened. Hopefully it will surface. Fingers crossed!! Will update here if the situation changes.


  • UPDATE! The Eagle Has Landed! So here's what happened according to mail person I spoke to. This morning, the normal delivery vehicle/person was involved in a vehicle accident. This put the ID info in limbo. Once USPS arranged another vehicle and sorted out the situation, the item showed back up on ID. The new person still drove right by my place. I had to chase him down as he stopped to deliver other mail. Sure enough, my pkg was sitting there on the dash. That's when he told me the story and said he was running pretty fast. Thank you Sir, have a nice day!! :wink: Another happy ending. Review to come...

  • This whole thread is a roller coaster of emotions! 🤣👍🏼👍🏼

  • Absolutely @OzBaxter! I’m hoping it at least brought a little entertainment value for the readers. Some times you gotta be patient and some times you just gotta chase them down! 😂 Definitely need a dab after that ride. 👍

  • 🥳 nice! So glad you received it after what's been going on with happy trees.

  • I've had similar happen, chasing down round the corner, one time they said they did mail 1st then packages by truck on way to next street but another time substitute just missed it and probably would've went back to office lol

  • Yep i had mine delivered went to my box nothing. i took my ass to the post office and talked to the supervisor they called the post man and made him go back to the box and open it AND IT WAS ONE BOX DOWN FROM MINE HAD 2 OZ INM ITTHAT DAY PHEWWWW!!!!

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