Fastest Shipper?

Simple question. Who's the fastest? Happy Trees is closest but USPS not scanning and sketched out with stolen packages reported. Pack is sitting for days in pre shipment. Not Ideal. I'm the kind of guy that needs data and likes to know what's going on. I used to order on Sunday and the pack would land by the weekend. Not confident anymore.



  • For me, Merlin has been fastest. 3 or 4 day to Midwest.

  • Happy Trees packed and had my order shipped maybe even the same day when I ordered around 12pm, 2-3 days max for my orders.

  • I finally got an update. Ordered April 2nd. No label till the 4th. Acceptance on the 6th. Estimated delivery on the 10th.

    That's not acceptable to me. Get your packages out the door quicker. 4 days till actually at the post office. That's in control of the shipper. If they want my Bitcoin, they have to do better.

    Not trying to be rude about this. I'm not that far away and I don't see shipping delays on anything else I'm ordering.

    I'll give Merlin's a try next time and see how they do.

  • I wouldn’t say fasted shipper. All of the shippers get them out as fast as possible. It’s really a matter of how the postal service is running in that area. Typically though, the packages from Merlin tend to have a hefty tail wind. The packages I get from loud, usually a bit longer wait. But, again that’s not on the shipper.

  • Merlin, East coast, no question.

  • It's Merlin or Happy trees but HT haven't got a timestamp update since the fiasco

  • I don't know, guys.

    I've had one chillin at the post office with Merlin since Tuesday, and I ordered a little something with Happy Trees last night & it's already on the way.

    I totally get it's all on the post office and such. I'm just impatient, lol

    No hate on any shippers.


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    I've noticed that some of the new drop boxes we use don't get picked up until two days after we dropped them...they're supposed to be picked up every day. I don't know if its because we're using a bigger city as our hub and they're just so busy they'll skip a box every now and then or what. I understand that everyone wants to get their orders as soon as they can, but we ask for a bit of patience while we adapt our shipping methods.

    Honestly 8 days is not that long of a wait for a package. Maybe if you order something off Prime it is sure, but I've ordered from plenty of mom and pop sites and waited weeks for my order. We get our orders out as quick as we get them and put them in the postal system, once it's there it's out of our control how soon it gets to you.

  • I understand on the drop boxes. I get it now. You're right about the 8 days being reasonable and I do like your products. Personally, I can do better planning on how long my stash lasts and getting orders in earlier. My true issue is the remoteness of my location. I'm 3 hours from a Walmart or McDonald's if that says anything. I would give my left testicle to have a shop near me.

  • Merlin is locking in at 8-9 days from order to arrival for me East Coast. HT can take up to 5 days max. Loud sits comfortably at 10-12 days usually.

  • I can truly say Medman has saved my life! I will always be loyal and grateful. Never once doubted anything. I only use this site for medicine. I ve been ordering for years.

  • Requested from loud on 4th morning hours and Merl yesterday late evening so it'll be a race to see which scores touchdown first, need the loud first and worse but be extremely happy if either shows early in week with things depleting quicker than expected but
    Know the team always comes thru and always quality

  • Right now I've got a label that showed up from Merlin not updated for 3 days. Last order before 420 sale - hoping it isn't delayed.

  • Both are moving at this point! Whoo hoo

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    Ordered April 2nd 1:25 PM EST package showed up on Saturday 3/8 midwest location. Thanks Merlin

  • Most recent request from Merl showing still waiting on ld's requested day and half earlier to pop up, just definitely gonna need one to show the sooner the better🤦🤷 even though tried planning better this go round

  • Same @Vapedad78
    It's all good, though
    Still have edibles

  • I ordered from Merlin. Sunday late at night. By Wednesday in was here. From CA to Chicago in 3 days!

  • Shit wish I was having that type of luck cause not too much further off from there and ordered from them Thursday and 2 days before that for loud but doesn't even look like either has moved yet

  • I put an order in with Merlin on the 5th, shipping label was created on the 6th today is the 11th and it's still in pre shipment. Wondering if anyone else is in the same boat. This is not a reflection of Merlin it's probably in a drop box waiting to be picked up. Just would like to know if anyone else is in the same predicament.

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    @Noj81 Yup, me too...Ordered 6th, label made 7th, & still in pre shipment. I be getting antsy bc I try to order so I'm never dry but I got 1 gram left 🤣
    I know it's coming but it might be a rough couple of days.

  • @ChunksEggo8187 I got to admit it does help to alleviate some of the stress of watching and waiting when someone is in the same situation with u so I guess we'll watch and wait 2gether... Hope ur order comes quick and smokes with the force of the Jedi, and thanks 4 the reply 🙂

  • @Noj81 no doubt! We can suffer together 🤣

  • Gotta rememebr USPS is closed on Good Friday. So that is going to delay a lot of shipments this week.

  • @TheMad710Chemist thank you for reminding me! Completely spaced out on that! You're absolutely right!

  • I didn't even think of good Friday... 😂🤪

  • Shoot yeah me neither definitely explains some of it and puts more of it on myself🤦🤣🤷

  • Just placed an order, and got something from all three shippers. Now it's time to see how long it takes for each of them

  • I’ve made about 10 orders so far since I started here in December/January and while I’ve ordered mostly from Merlin’s, then Happy Trees and twice from loud, I’ve never waited over 10 days! The fastest was I think 5 days and I’m down in South TX! I'm not sure if this relates, but I noticed when I order earlier in week, I’ll usually get it quicker. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Here are the Postal Service holidays for 2023.

    New Year’s Day: Monday, Jan. 2 (observed)
    Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Monday, Jan. 16
    Presidents' Day: Monday, Feb. 20
    Memorial Day: Monday, May 29
    Juneteenth National Independence Day: Monday, June 19
    Independence Day: Tuesday, July 4
    Labor Day: Monday, Sept. 4
    Columbus Day: Monday, Oct. 9
    Veterans Day: Saturday, Nov. 11
    Thanksgiving: Thursday, Nov. 23
    Christmas: Monday, Dec. 25

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