Thank You For 7 Years of Service Medicineman

I appreciate the 7 years of help and so wished we could have continued to do business with you but that last order broke me. I wished that the newest shipper (happy trees) would have had more experience with shipping techniques as in double/triple sealing the packages with the added mylar and I wouldn't be in my current situation of being completely out of meds and out of over $700.00 of product with no source on the horizon to remedy it.. Obviously they've learned how to stealthily pack and ship at this point and i was just unfortunate to have not received their part of my order. The other shipper's package came right through though. I appreciate Medboy corresponding with me and HT in having another package sent to a different address under my same name (should have been advised to change that to an alias) and got the same result of confiscation by an agent. It ultimately got me flagged as i had ordered a guitar amplifier from an Oregon seller on Ebay that was shipped via Fedex.. that heavy amp package was held up and obviously opened by the system for search of illegal substances and then shipped to me.. i took pictures and contacted the oregon seller for it to be confirmed that it had been cut open and resealed.. I was told that HT would not ship to me a 3rd time even thought the blame squarely falls upon theyre lack of stealthness.. i would be open to fixing this with a 3rd shipment so therefor i could resume my 7 years of business with Medicemanonline.. Fingers Crossed !!!

Sincerely, Noddapuppet


  • On another thread, “SECOND empty package”, happy trees states they will ship as many times as it takes to get what you ordered. Maybe that offer is still good?

  • Happy Trees when they opened were doing fine for months. Willing to bet a couple drop boxes started recieving a lot more use out of nowhere and someone got suspicious, checked packages and confirmed it, could be a potential investigation as so many have been seized.

    @HappyTrees my orders and yalls service were great a couple months ago, yall got this.

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    Yeah this order originally took place just after they started shipping in November a few days before i placed a second order with another shipper tho I received the second order. I would hope Happy Tree's will reconsider or im SOL getting meds✌

  • There's been no response from anyone so I gets im S.O.L. 😏

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