Thc drops question

I usually order gumdrops but they were out of stock so I ordered the high drops. I usually just need 50mg of the gumdrops but I’ve tried the equivalent to the drops to get 50 mg. They just don’t seem to give the same effect or last as long. I do supplement the edibles with a vape as well. Looking for suggestions?


  • I've found stretching out like day in between gummies and/or tryna get away with less seems to work better for me, like half a 25mg or whole if have to for severe pain but once I start trying to take daily or multiple at a time it throws tolerance off. But the drops a 10mg sliver worked almost as well as the 25mg just slightly less potent and might not lasted quite as long but was a nice change of pace if nothing else just to mix it up and keep tolerance guessing but yes I also supplement with vape, flower, or dab when or if necessary

  • Appreciate your input thank you! I only use 4x/wk and that is almost always in the evening. I work in healthcare and work 13/14 hrs shifts so I take those 3 days off. I have been eating 3 25 mg gummies for quiet awhile on those 4 days. I’m not eating all 3 at once made that mistake a couple times lol. How are you taking the drops? I’ve just been putting them under my tongue for a min then swallowing usually 30 to 40 mg but seems to wear off quicker than gummies so then I’ll do another 30 or 40 mg an hr later. Idk maybe the gummies just work better for me I’ll just get those again when I’m running low.

  • You talking bout liquid or the happy trees drops that come in little metal box

  • Oh sorry talking about the liquid from Merlin.

  • Yeah ok I'm that case yeah I agree been using the tincture and it's a great pick me up or relaxer but doesn't come on as fast and hard and kinda feels like a more muted version of gummies in a sense, or something like that, I'm pretty high ATM lol

  • Nice Lol ok so it’s not just me then. I’ll just supplement more with my vape then stick to gummies on my next order.

  • I’ll do my best to have gummies always in stock, hope you made it through the dry spell

  • No worries Merlin, I just prefer the gummies. I’m loving the banana kush refills though 🔥

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