Merlin's Sugar Wax - Modified Banana and Key Lime Pie

This was my first time trying any strain of @MerlinsMagic Sugar Wax. I normally dab shatter but liked Merlin's recent description of Sugar Wax and wanted to give it a try. Anyway, they honored my split for the two strains. Delivery was very fast - I order very late on a Friday night and received on Thursday (4 biz days). I can't put up pictures but the appearance is just like the photos shown on the site (nice wet clumps of crystalline goo). Smell is absolutely amazing. The MB produced very strong Indica effects right from the start - really strong. Excellent for zoning, rest and sleep. The Key Lime Pie is a little more energetic at the beginning but also settles down into another excellent Indica state of mind. Both provide a very long lasting buzz! - Like 4 - 5 hours later I'm still feeling it. Both strains have a smell and taste as described. KLP had the creamy lime on the first hit and more chocolate and cream on the second. MB was sweet and fruity, a little like a ripe banana. All in all, I really like this sugar wax and will definitely get more. Great strength, taste, and consistency.


  • @MerlinsMagic Sugar Wax is really awesome. I just want to let people know. A few years ago I had a serious problem with being unable to handle some of the impurities in wax concentrates. Really messed up my lungs for a while. I quit concentrates for a long time. Several years later... These sugar wax dabs vape up super clean and blow me away. I'm super impressed with @MerlinsMagic sugar wax. I use a normal, torch fired dab rig with a nice quartz banger (capped - no pearls or any fancy stuff). Results are always amazing, eyes bleeding red, super stoned! Sugar Wax Rocks!! Anyway, just wanted to share a quick field report on currently available stuff. Thanks to Merlin for some super meds at a decent price!!

  • Thanks for the review...I am about to order some myself. Just tried the lemon cherry gelato crumble and I was quite satisfied with that so now I'll try the sugar waxes. Merlins concentrates are a big step up from the stuff available a year or so ago. I remember getting shatter a couple times and not being impressed with the quality or prices. Looking forward to trying others now

  • Yessss!!! Glad it's working out well. I have a new supplier and am happy about them

  • Still been a bit hit or miss on the shatters, figuring out a good source still (Dogwalker is hard hitting but more gooey that we'd like) but the sugar, crumble and diamonds are fYYYRE legit.

  • @MerlinsMagic Yes indeed! Just received the RedBull Sugar Wax and it hits sooo hard!! Great taste (light citrus soda) and a heavy heavy Indica dom buzzzzz...! Thank you for the awesome meds!!

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