Product Review - THC Gum Drops are POWERFUL and QUICK. 5 stars.

So I've tried quite a few of the edibles and posted that I was pretty happy with them all, with the exception of one single order of THC gummy bears in tins.

But this most recent order of THC gum drops (not the bears in tins), the ones that are about $90 for 2 tallish plastic containers, was remarkable. Super quick onset and powerful effects, and long lasting, too. More so than any of the lozenges I've ordered. More so than any edible in any form I've tried. One is good, two is very powerful.

I'm not totally naive, I realize that edibles are hard to formulate, hard to maintain consistency, and everyone has different bodies that react differently to various forms of this product and process them uniquely (and these don't replace flowers, at least not for me) - I've been doing a bit of research into the challenges of edibles, and it's almost overwhelming, so like anything you purchase - try and see what works for you.

The THC gum drops are POWERFUL and QUICK. 5 stars. @Medboy - thanks!


  • Yes, I second this, best and most consistent edibles ever! I hope they stick around.

  • The THC gumdrops are the first product I ever ordered from Medicineman. Great product for micro dosing. Thankfully they are almost always in stock. I use them daily.

  • Dangit are the gum drops out again! I been missing those - other than melting issues are the bears potentially the same?

  • My wife seemed to appreciate the CBD ones.They all taste good too. I'd love to figure out why these don't work for me. I ate 6 of them and could still drive. I didn't drive. But I could have.
    The Jolly chips seemed to have slightly more effect on me.

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