Gary Payton

For those of you who have tried this strain - how would you describe it? What other strain would you compare it to?


  • I had Merlin's indoor Gary Payton. For me, it was like a 60/40 sativa dominant. Great daytime stuff.

  • Premium from Loud is very much a head high then total relaxation. Indica dominate and probably one of the best strains I have tried in a long while! Tastes amazing!

  • I’ve been wondering the same thing for far too long. I ordered Runtz on 4/20, which is the best daytime smoke for me, but got subbed. Runts has been on the menu this whole time so I tried to get a split of GP and Runtz to compare. Should be here in another day or two and I’ll let you know. I typically can’t do anything leaning too far Sativa without anxiety, so I’m hoping it’s a good one! It’s been a while since you posted this. Did you ever try it?

  • I ordered some on 4/20 but got subbed. Hopefully it will be there for my next order.

  • I forgot to come back and review. Honestly, the Gary Payton I got was underwhelming. It could have been a generic hybrid of any type. Not dry, not moist. Not anything great or bad. Gets the job done but there’s better out there. I’ll give it a try from another shipper or source before I give up on it. You ever try it @posternugbag ? What did you think of it, if so?

  • That stinks which did you get, I enjoyed the ultra premium and felt ticket was pretty fair although believe liked the trop juice a little better

  • @Vapedad78
    I just got the regular indoor from HT.

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    @PolkHighStar not yet. I was subbed by Merlin when I tried to get it last. I guess I’ll wait for a premium version of it to come back on the menu. Haven’t ordered anything from HT and I don’t usually pick Loud as my shipper. Typically have been a Med mama and Merlin’s guy.

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