Happy Trees Dispoables Split?

@HappyTrees if I were to buy a 4 pack of the vapes and split, could I do it for one of each kind? Thanks.


  • Damn I just looked up the actual prices of the disposables and they are like 20 bucks each lol that's crazy profit margins for such a cheap product. See a lot of bad reviews and etc too. Anyone have experience with em so far?

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    @TacticGuy For sure! We do splits for vapes all the time. We tried the vapes ourselves, they work really well and hit super hard. We personally know the person that makes vapes for us. She's not affiliated with Fryd but she uses their packaging/hardware and fills the vapes up with her own product. The same person who made our Blue Dream and Wedding Cake vapes made these, so if you liked those I'm sure you'll like these too!

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    @friendsofbillw ahh I see you're right. Crazy that's the first few search results and fryd isn't doing anything about it. Huh.

    @HappyTrees good to hear, perfect then. Sorry about the Simi callout, guess fryd has some sketchy shit goin on lol. Those blue dream ones were great last time so I'm sure I would. Thanks.

  • @TacticGuy No worries at all I can understand the confusion. Ours are technically knock offs but probably better than the original product lol.

  • @happytrees just noticed that the description for the pods say "live resin diamonds" and cannabis oil, does that mean distillate oil mixed with diamonds instead of live resin oil? Do they still have the natural terps or are they added?

    I'm sure they'll be good either way and diamonds have higher concentration but I thought the blue dream vapes were live resin, were they the same?

  • @TacticGuy These are distillate and live resin diamonds, I believe there are natural terps that come from the diamonds. I'll have to ask about the terps though I'm not sure. The last ones she made were live resin oil.

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