Best Concentrates on the Menu

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I think I've settled on ordering concentrates for the sale tomorrow. What I've read is the bubble hash and sugar wax from Merlin seems to be 🔥 . Any recommendations for those or any other concentrates on the menu?


  • As a some on who only does concentrates I tend to stick to the "shatters" when I have gotten the sugar waxs or more refined concentrates they don't taste as well and I go threw them faster, just my personal opinion I'm sure others will disagree.

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    I've only had the Apple Tartz, and it was delicious, and hard hitting.
    Left me with heavy eyelids after 3 hits. I have a little one hitter, and I've topped bowls with it as well as stuffed some in a cone with some Platinum Bubba.
    Gave amazing 💤 & pain relief!

  • @cob shatter was my go to concentrate for a longtime..I'm eyeing that sour apple but Loud has a nice selection up too. i have a bunch of kief so I wasn't sure the Bubble hash would be much diff. The sugar wax just looks appealing

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