Smokeless Options?

Hi All - hoping you folks can point me in the right direction. I'm currently treating nerve damage in my back with OTC CBD+ delta 8/9 (hemp derived). Due to some liver issues I cannot take any opioids or Tylenol, Motrin etc. No pain killers.

I'm finding that I don't even feel anything with 200-300mg doses but when I was in a Marijuana friendly state 10-20mg THC doses were sufficient.

Anyways hoping somebody can give me some advice on what MM products to start with. Sativa tends to work better but I'm open to anything that won't just put me to sleep.


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    Since you have liver issues, you should probably steer clear of edibles.

  • You can rub rso topically on your skin and Iā€™m pretty sure it still gets you high

  • Vapes?

  • @Momentum

    My father has hepatitis c, and uses edibles with no problem. He did go through treatment for the hepatitis c, and is in remission, so it does make a difference.
    Everyone is different, so maybe edibles will be ok for you, and maybe not.
    I'd say go with trial and error. šŸ˜ŠšŸ’š

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    @Momentum Everything I've seen about the rso looks great, especially for pain relief. It's a concentrate/edible, think merlin sells it. Absorbs through the skin and you can vary dosage and see what works for you.

    That's the best overall non damaging and pain relieving option I'd say. Hope one of us have helped!

  • Thanks everyone. Ordered bunch of stuff. The THC gum drops with 20min activation are amazing!

  • @Momentum are those the one from Loud and what dosage did you take?

  • 100mg is good dosage for me it seems. Everyone is different especially with edibles. I don't know what loud is. But they are a tin can 25mg per dose

  • Edibles don't work for me I smashed a whole gron chocolate bar and nothing. I've ate a whole tin of the 25 MG gummies nothing

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    @Zackarrry daaaamn have you tried the gum drops from loud n co? That's crazy, just 2 of those from that tin of 20 will get me in 30 minutes for like 5 hours

  • Yeah those gron don't exactly knock you on your ass but I was tryna make last since only had one and use to supplement meds and combat chronic pain and mental health so taking 1 piece a day if, but all the other stuff I've tried been potent although loud cookies and edibles put me to sleep the others seemed more hybrid possibly

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