Holy Infused Mushroom Honey for Microdosing

So, I searched for this topic and couldn’t find anything so I did t have much to go on to start microdosing here. But I started with 1/4 tsp which made life a lot more beautiful and vivid and you can feel a lot more empathy, see their souls through their eyes type of thing so it brings way more connection to life around us. It also reprograms our brain to remember this so after it wore off I was in a great mood and my relationships thrived.

But doing it for 3 days in a row didn’t work, day 3 I regretted it. So I skipped a day which helped me had a really good day. Then I took a larger dose while I was campaigning for an election yesterday and it really gave me the confidence to connect with all the residents. Unfortunately socializing takes a lot out of me so it only lasted 6 hours. When I stopped to go inside to print something it took forever because it just feels so unnatural to be around technology and man made things while on this substance. Outside on a beautiful day is the way to go when taking this. I’m going to order some straight mushrooms because even though it is blessed I’m not sure if it would be a better deal to just do this with straight mushrooms. Plus I feel it would be easier to measure. They did fill the jar straight to the top which was nice.
Anyone else have experience with this?


  • Yes. Your serotonin levels need time to re-adjust. The research I’ve found suggests therapeutic doses every 3 or 4 days. Others here have had similar experiences as you.

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