Happy Trees June Sale

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Hi everybody, next month we're going to be doing a sale. From June 1st to June 7th all of our Honey Bucket and edibles will be 15% off! We possible might extend the sale another week or so too, after that. We're not sure yet.


  • I will check it out! Thanks

  • Nice! šŸ‘šŸ¼

  • Sweet. How is that Honey Bucket? Iā€™m ā¤ļø the Runtz

  • The Honey Bucket is pretty good. It smells just like honey. Very calming and chill high. Great for a nice walk around the block on the come up and then a chill session on the couch with some munchies after. We have a way to much of it so we figured we put it on sale.

  • Had try try the ethos apex after all the high compliments was given last time and Runtz sounded very good so waiting to sample both with fingers crossed

  • just ordered some of the Honey Bucket... we always appreciate the sales!

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