Happy Trees Greenhouse - Mac & Jack

Has anyone tried Happy Trees Greenhouse - Mac & Jack? Thanks


  • I haven't had HT's but I currently have some M & J..its very trippy..one of those things sway a little 🤙🏼

  • Just got newest batch of ethos apex and looks were disappointing after everyone was raving soo much last time was on menu but effects seemed decent. Since also tried a little Runtz at some time I'll have to try each alone to compare, but Runtz looked far better and closer to what been used to getting from site and feeling very good after few quick rips of each. Definitely appreciate record time arrival and sticker and pre roll included as well, overall not upset but gotta check out apex again but almost brown or tan and just mid looking at best from first glance but was in a hurry so I'll check again.

  • @Vapedad78 probably why it went on discount

  • Right figures I was looking all forward to it after all those great reviews but definitely under whelmed when smell extremely light compared to those and lack of vibrant colors used to from indoor quality stuff but already bought and paid so guess sol

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    @Vapedad78 Everyone who ordered ethos before it was discounted is getting a little something extra from the happy team, so keep an eye out ;)

  • Oh ok that's some excellent customer service and greatly appreciate i was bummed when missed that batch everyone was crazy over so tried make sure didn't miss out twice. Stand up move @HappyTrees hats good looking out

  • Never had exotic before 🤔…sounds incredible.

  • Mean unless they let you try it in store still not gonna know how well works for each individual till get home and try

  • While I didn't get a lot of comments on the Mac and Jack. I do want to comment on Ethos Apex.. I bought some of this not too long ago also and I have to say I bought it because it had a Lotta good reviews. I personally ended up not liking it, now that's not happy tree's fault whether I like something or not. I will say this, I believe it was indoor, and I've never seen indoor buds look like that the stems are extremely big and the buds were huge just like outdoor weed, so I don't know? But either way didn't like it. Again not the sellers fault. But it does truly go to show you like one person made the comment ,you don't know how it's going to affect you, so even with good reviews, your take may be totally different.

  • Oh yeah absolutely, this was not that though

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