Happy Trees Hash

Any idea when this will be back on the menu? This hash was the bomb but I only got a gram of it


  • Yeah definitely looked interesting, was wondering what pressed hash would be like to roll up but it was gone almost instantly.

    @HappyTrees was that a special product or will yall be getting more?

  • I have some. Let me share what I think I’ve learned.
    It is pressed kief, not pressed hash. The kief may have been resiny so it stuck together.
    My baby bricks are average to a bit above average for potency. I guess it depends on what strain the kief is from. 23% or 14% thc? Phenols are very important. I like the taste of this product.
    Price seems fair.
    I also have the bubble hash. Very good quality. Good tastes and potency. Different class than the pressed kief. Price seems fair, too.
    Any chance of Moroccan H becoming available?
    I’d like hear what others know. This is a new world.

  • Yup, we'll have it back up in a week or two. We just need to sift more kief.

  • Hash will bring you to the next level of royal highness. From high to stoned in minutes. 🐝💤

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