Outdoor MOAB review.


Hello, everyone! This is my first order and my first review here. Let me preface by saying I’m pretty new to this and don’t have an advanced palate; I’m just having some fun and winging it.

First, I’m blown away and very pleased with my order! I got a 50/50 split of Outdoor MOAB and Rainbow Kush. I recently read that sativas seem to be more of a “functional,” mental buzz, so I thought I’d pay closer attention. I ground up a wee tiny nug, packed a bowl, then had four or so hits. The aroma was very mild and smooth. Hints of earthy dirt, and a slight herbal scent. The taste was smooth as well, not overly pungent, just a smooth hitting plant, not skunky. It crept a bit, but after a few minutes I was feeling guuuuuud. It relaxed my mood and put me in a happier state of mind. After a while I was feeling ambitious, I even began cleaning and wiping down my kitchen and oven, it’s that type of smoke!

Buzz lasted a few hours, even as the initial buzz wore off, the positive mental effects were there. I paired it with coffee and it was just delightful. Definitely would recommend! Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for Rainbow Kush coming up next!


  • Welcome and Thanks for the outdoor review. Got some true og outdoor on way. Hope to see people leaving more reviews. How was the rainbow kush.

  • Cool, can’t wait to hear how the True OG was. Rainbow was good, smacked me around a bit. Will have to try it again and review it, hopefully this weekend. :smiley:

  • Thanks for the review. JCizzle Got true og on the way. Will post review when i get it.

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