I got the dc malmak magic mushroom and albino penis envy mushrooms. Will I trip from 1 gram?


  • Probably similar to micro dosing I'd think but not positive and not the best person to ask but did get a polkadot chocolate bar recently and just 1 square out 15 total had me feeling pretty decent definitely no visuals but wasn't going for that far out of a trip anyways just testing the waters

  • 1 gram is the ****money spot for me. Any less won’t make you trip. Of course body weight and experience play a role

  • Melmac is strong. We’ve settled on 1.25 G for a pretty good experience. Did 1.5 one time it was pretty strong. Felt like 3 grams. Basically feels like double the weight.

  • Anyone try the powder caps with a blend of shrooms? I like the idea of simple and measured dose for first time use since a lame high school experience many moons ago.

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    Definitely not microdosing at 1 gram. More like a minidose.

    On the PE, depending on what I've been eating I can go for a full blown technicolor journey.

    These are strong strains with the PE being one of the strongest in the regular categories. Remember you can always take more and never less.

  • I love penis envy. They have best high and visuals. I took a quarter and tripped 12 hours i8 tripping like my house was a maze

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