Fastest shipper

What you guys think?


  • Well I would say @HappyTrees just wish they offered premium flower!!

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    Our packages usually do arrive within 2 to 3 days of the time you place your order. Sometimes that's not the case though USPS can be really unreliable. We've had customers that have been disappointed because they're accustomed to our fast times and then it will take a bit longer than usual for them to get their package. I really recommend focusing more on buying products that you like over who's the fastest.

    @Wayward88 Yeah, our stock is pretty low right now. We'll be getting a lot of new stuff at the end of the month. Premium flower is definitely something we're going to get when we re-up.

  • @HappyTrees You guys rock!

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    It's definitely not loud n co. I ordered 8 days ago and it hasn't even been sent yet

  • I sympathize with ya and wish you good luck

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