More vapes from happy trees soon!?

Wondering if @HappyTrees will be getting more of those 2g disposable vapes anytime soon!? I missed the last batch before I had enough money saved up. Womp Womp.


  • Same here, would love more of those 2g vapes from Fryd. I got a few and must say they are pretty sweet. Hope someone will pick them up and start selling them. Thanks guys!!

  • Yup, we will be getting more. Most likely will be up on the site next week!

  • Yeww!!! Thank you so much @HappyTrees! Also, what about concentrates? I would love to try some of that kind of product from you guys too!

  • @HappyTrees thank you!! Been waiting for your vapes

  • @HappyTrees i didn’t miss them did I?? Any recs on buds comparable to the Chernobyl or mints?

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