A little update from the Happy Trees team

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Just wanted to update everyone on what we got going on. We just picked up a boatload of indoor bud that looks great as well as a few strains of premium that are absolutely mouth-watering. We'll be shooting over all the information to Medboy soon and they should be up in the next few days. Unfortunately, we have not found any vapes as of yet so I'm not sure if we will have any for a while. We might possibly get more of those Packwoods blue dream vapes but we're not sure yet.

The space that we package out of had an inspection this week so we had to pack everything up in a hurry, because of that those that ordered from us in the past few days may have a little bit more of a delay in receiving their packages. It really was bad timing because we have all this new stuff we want to get up on the site asap but can't.

After we set our space back up and get all of our new stuff up on the site we're planning on doing another raffle! People who enter will have the possibility to win Bitcoin as well as bud and we will have multiple winners so everyone has a better chance of getting something cool! We're excited about that and think it will be pretty awesome, so keep an eye out for that next week.

Anyways, hope all of you are enjoying the summer! We'll have more stuff will be up in the next few days.


  • Appreciate the update!

  • Thanks for update @HappyTrees

  • Looking forward to it! @HappyTrees

  • That's literally only reason I haven't bought more slurp is can only buy 1 at time and for one is slightly over priced but if could get 2 or 3 discounted for bulk purchase be a totally different story, other thread was closed sorry not tryna highjack this one

  • @Vapedad78 Totally, I get what you're saying. A big issue for us is that we can only buy a small amount at a time. The limit is 6 bottles per-person so it makes it hard for us to build up a big enough stock to allow people to buy in bulk. For now we're going to leave it as is and let the stock run out and focus on other things. We might come back to it, maybe buy more slowly over time until we have enough that we can sell in bulk and still keep up with re-stocking it. I'm not sure the team will talk it over at some point and we'll see what we want to do.

  • Thanks for update. Looking forward to the drop of flower.

  • @HappyTrees gotcha and most definitely appreciate the clarification, would definitely be up for grabbing a multi pack if the time ever presents itself please keep in mind for future possiblity and don't think I'm the only

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    Happy Trees, you say you're going to stop selling it because you're not selling that much anymore and you want to run the stock out and yet you have people that want to buy what you have but yet you won't let them buy but just one at a time? That doesn't even make any sense. 😏

    At least that's what you said in the other thread that was closed. It's a little bit different in this one?

    I don't think we're going to be selling this product anymore once we sell out of what we have in stock. We just aren't selling as much as we used to and I think it would be better focusing on getting more strains that everyone will like.

  • I think he is saying there's no point in changing how they are selling this product because they have such little of this product in stock, and have no plans to restock, therefore selling it one at a time per order will accomplish this without having to go through the trouble of changing the entire system for just a few orders/people.

  • Yeah, I'm not really sure. It's just that they gave two different answers. It doesn't really matter at this point anyways, I'm not gonna get anything.

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