chernobyl strain

I just saw the chernobyl strain from happy trees . Am not sure how long its been up are if its new in last couple days. If it as been up does anyone have a review on it . Its a top sativa dominate strain when grown right cant tell alot from pic . Thanks for any reply


  • If happy trees see this give me a review of this strain am sure your crew should have tried it if you put it on menu thanks . Would love to see a new strain alert when you log in to site takes a min to see all the strains from each shipper . That would be nice

  • I ordered some as soon as she popped in the site. I’ll leave a review when I can 😎

  • @907GOKU thanks am sure its pretty good . Looking forward to hearing your thoughts

  • Not sure if you guys will get the same batch I had. About 3 weeks ago, I was subbed Chernobyl.
    My notes on it- light green sticky buds. Funky citrus aroma & taste. Euphoric yet focused high. Perfect for morning/day. Good stuff.

  • @ChunksEggo8187 thanks for the info .

  • No problem 👍

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