Odd Delivery Times

Anyone notice that the disposable vapes take twice as long to be delivered than flower? I have been ordering from MM for 7 years and have always received orders usually within 3-4 days (Im on the east coast). Both times Ive ordered the vapes it has taken over a week. I imagine that flower takes longer because of weighing, sorting, sealing, but no. Ive never signed up for informed delivery because never really needed it, well, until now. I get anxious if it takes awhile always worried my mail is compromised or it got delivered to the wrong house (my neighbor is a cop, so there's that). Just want to know if its me or has anyone else noticed it as well. I may just go back to ordering flower since its half the delivery time.


  • Did you order from Loud & co? They take forever to send, when I order from Merlin I get it in 3-4 days every time. Loud takes 2 weeks sometimes, makes no sense because they are both on the west coast. I think Loud is just lazy with orders to be honest.

  • @Tealeaves The post office just switched it up with the first class mail, now it's labeled ground and possibly thats why it's taking longer.
    If you order a little flower with your vapes, we will send in a box lol. You can also leave a message in the comments if there is a specific concern and we'l do our best to take care of you.

  • All of my orders usually take 3-4 days so Merlin must be the one I usually order from. Now I’m spoiled and if anything takes longer I start to worry. I did eventually get the pens on the 8th day. Day 6 & 7 was nerve racking, I started looking at my neighbors suspiciously thinking they had it delivered to them by accident which happens sometimes in our neighborhood.

  • @MerlinsMagic Are y'all affected by the flooding/hurricane? I placed an order on August 17 that still has not shipped (pre-shipment label) and another on August 22. I have always received my orders from you within 4-5 days

  • Something has changed, what use to be 3-4 days for me is now 7-8. My second order confirmed that.

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