What's the hold-up? MedMama?

Happy  Thanksgiving MedPeople. 

Whats the hold up? MedMama?
I ordered from MedMama on Friday 22nd, label was created the 25th. Here we are the 28th, and my order is not on its way and I'm not happy about that.
Today is a USPS holiday and the beginning of the 15%off sale. That being said, I can only imagine a longer delay is afoot.
If MedMama sends my package tomorrow, Friday, I will get it Monday/Tuesday. If MedMama doesn't get the package out tomorrow, Monday will be the next available shipping day and that means I won't get my order until Thursday/ Friday of next week. That's a 2 week wait. That isn't cool and seems to be the new normal for MedMama. If that's the case, tell us, so we can order accordingly.
To hold a black Friday sale and offer a discount on the same stuff we paid full price for, a week ago, which HASN'T EVEN SHIPPED YET, is not cool. The order I placed last week, might as well have been placed today(saving 15%) and I'd still be on the same ETA timeline as I am currently waiting out since last week. Ya know what I'm saying?
Missing out on the savings isn't the complaint I'm making, it's the fact that current orders weren't sent out prior to the sale that is guaranteed to create a massive influx of NEW orders.
I'm not mad about the savings I could have had. I'm mad MedMama didn't clear the board before the sale.
Since my week old order isn't on it's way and won't be on it's way until tomorrow (at best) or (at worst) Monday , I'm mad, because when you get down to it, I try to stay a week ahead of my meds by placing an order a week to 10 days before I run out. I'm going to run out of meds this weekend.
Anyway......Happy Thanksgiving MedPeople. I hope all is well and I hope you and your families and friends have a glorious feast and give thanks to the Lord and the herb he has gifted us.



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    Same thing here. Not Happy. If I knew it was going to take so lo9ng I would have waited until today and got the discount LONG time loyal customer Have to go local to carry me through

  • Whatever1956.
    This is the 3rd time in the last 2 months MedMama sat on my order for a week before sending it on its merry way. I dont have a local hook up.
    Even If I did, I couldn't do anything about it seeing as my bi-weekly bud allowance is tied up in MedMama-drama.
    Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🤪👈

  • Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

  • Remember the old day's...

    i'll be there in an hour, I swear...

    It's better now. Be patient. Medman always delivers.... but you gotta plan ahead for delays.

  • Ha! True!
    I used to be that guy back in the 80s.
    I'd round up everyone's cash and make a run, and say " I'll be back in an hour"......and end up hanging with the "dude" for hours, ordering pizza, wings and a buckets o'beers stoned on "Skunk" and "Afghani".

  • "Weed will get you through times without money better than money will get you through times without weed." The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers

  • I’m with you guys on med mamas slow shopping...last few times I’ve ordered from her it takes waaaaay longer than used to! I know they are busy but damn! Been waiting and waiting and don’t even see a shipping label created yet and they are gonna be loaded down with new Black Friday sale orders! This may be my last order with med mama!

  • Worst part is MB always blames the USPS instead of LISTENING to his customers and getting it fixed

  • I find MMS prices lower than local dealers here, and I try to buy enough to last for a while. Once you have enough supply, delays won’t effect your day so much.

  • I think the quote is “ it’s better to have drugs in times of no money, than money in times of no drugs”
    Happy Thanksgiving

  • "Dope will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no dope."— is the exact quote

  • I used weed to modernize LOL

  • Pretty sure it was Freewheelin Franklin who said it . Wow that was ages ago

  • Same EXACT thing here I am a first time buyer and ordered on the 17th label created on the 20th and 12 days later still showing USPS is awaiting the package. Now with that being said I wanted to take advantage of the black Friday sale but I am scared to order because I did not even get my last (and first ever) order. To make matters even worse I also try to stay ahead of my medication which I have a condition that I desperately need it for and I have been out for nearly a week so best case scenario I may have medicine by the end of next week.

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    PX they are late but in the 2-3 years I’ve used them they ALWAYS deliver . It just sucks because your not waiting for Ju Ju bees but if you have the cash go for the sale L&C indoor at 15% is a awesome deal ... I wish I hadn’t dropped all my BC’s last Friday before the sale😞

  • The fact that it’s not just your package probably means it isn’t “lost” just late

  • Whatever56: Thanks for the insight its comforting to know its not just me at least I did think about scraping more cash for the sale and making sure I order from L&C instead of medmama. I also wish I had saved my money for this week but I was only trying to stay ahead of my medicine as I have a serious condition that requires it. I live in a state that just recently legalized it for recreational use but dispensaries do not open until January 1st and I have been approved for my medical card as well but I cannot use the medical dispensaries yet because I am waiting on the state to mail it to me.

  • Our dispensaries in FL only sell vape cartridges. No flower. Not yet. Its lame.
    Down here its $300 for the Doctor, $75 for the card plus a "check up" twice a year for $150 each. And then all you get is a lousy vape pen and a low-potency cartridge of god-knows-what for $100.

  • Thisguy: Thats the way it is here in NYC too. It’s only for medical. No recreational at all. It’s ridiculous. No flower, vape only, low quality. Last year legal weed in NYC was defeated because the legislature could not decide how to spend the excess revenue (profit). Assholes!

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    Well nothing today. My states medical program is shite as well. No flower only extracts and only for like cancer and ms. Extremely limited use cases. Ordered 11-22. Was hoping but nah. I have a sleep disorder and other problems related to head injury and multiple concussions. Been out for 4 days now. Got 0 hours 13 hours 3 hours 1 hour of sleep past few nights. Had a scary sleep driving episode on ambien so i dont take sleeping pills. Waiting on Meds is tough. Hope all our lifesaving packages come quickly

  • Medboy or Medman do you guys have any update on Medmammas shipping delays. I know it hasnt been 2 weeks but it seems to be a problem many are having with shipping not getting done. Cant get informed delivery where i am but looking at others seems orders have not gone out after a week.
    Thanks in advance

  • Just got my first order from medmama too, hopefully won't take that long.

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    Been with medan for over a year and it usually does not take long at all coretemp44. Usually i can order from either L&C or med mama and it only takes 4 days. They having delays. Always get order of top notch though. This is just a glitch in the matrix so to speak.

  • Has anyone sent payment today and not gotten confirmation?
    Just wondering if they are closed today? I usually get confirmation pretty quick.

  • (Playing jeopardy theme song)

  • Sure hoping it ships tonight . Only going to use Loud and Co going forward . 3 years and never seen this before .

  • It's the same for me. First-time buyer here, my order was placed on the 16th, payment was confirmed, and all looked good. Twelve days later, I reached out to Medboy by using the MM contact system because of an error I made in the order. I made the mistake of adding med-mama, first-time customers only Sample Bud with a few other buds in the order. Med-boy responded the next day, and He explained the sample bag was withheld according to the rules. You have to purchase Med -Mama Sample Bud separately, alone purchase. Well, I didn't know. Med-boy, you may have to fix the wording on that page. Or my reading comprehension sucks. I have to say Medboy took care of my issue. He let me know that my order was on its way. And I received a credit code Sweet! in my opinion; Customer service is second to none. Now here's the rub, as of today 11/30/2019, makes two weeks into waiting for my order. I recently created an account with USPS informed delivery like a week ago, informed delivery shows me nothing on tracking the package, I see my mail, but nada, on the package. Could be because this new system of tracking is still in beta. Full of bugs and whatnot. It's neither here or there, but I'm a little anxious. Maybe I have nothing to worry about. My order may show up much later than expected. According to some of the long-time heads here: "Medicine man always delivers." I'll let you guys know when it does arrive. Thank you, MM, Med-boy. You're on top of it.

  • Dang, I did the same exact thing when ordering the sample bud with the rest of my stuff.

  • Sanada4real - From what I learned about ID, if you sign up and a package/letter is already in route, you wont see those; only the ones that are sent after you sign up will be seen.

    I've been with MedMan for over a year now, and I can say that they have always delivered. In another thread, I told of my times when one order went back and forth in California a couple of times before heading west, and how one order took over 48 hours to move 160 miles between distribution centers.

    I have experienced the "label generated, waiting for USPS to receive package" notice waiting period a few times too. I order once every second Wednesday of the month (unless med bills use up my cash) and I can relate to the frustration that sets in when I check with ID and see that my order is still "waiting for the USPS to receive package". The longest deliver time I have experienced from MedMama was 12 days from order confirmation to opening my package. The fastest, from Loud, was 5 days.

  • justaguy - Thank you for sharing that info about ID. It makes sense why I don't or didn't see it track. You put me at ease. :) I think my next order will be with Loud until Med-Mama gets it together. Two weeks is a bit of stretch. I can handle it, but it's still a long wait.

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