Talk to me about the drops from Merlin! Yuck or yum?

I just recently tried a dosing this way with another liquid product. I’ve never ordered these before from @MerlinsMagic! What is y’all’s experience? Do they have a taste? How do y’all use them? Do you just drop them down your throat, under the tongue? Also how many ML is the dropper? @MerlinsMagic what would you recommend?


  • I like the taste it's citrusy but went through it much faster than the Santa Maria tincture which is way more harsh and alcohol taste but felt the Santa Maria might been slightly more potent

  • @Vapedad78 would you recommend trying them out? I like the microdosing!

  • Glycerine is a sweet and tasty solvent, but not as strong or effective as alcohol.

    Santa Maria doesn’t taste as good but works fast and hard especially if you can stand to let it absorb on your tounge for but.

    I’d recommend the high drops for taste and micro.

    Santa Maria for fast action, strength and even rubbing on sore muscles

  • Speaking of Santa Maria tinc are you gonna be getting anymore? It'll probably be a min before I get more anyways but just curious

  • Mean it's not gonna knock you out with one or 2 dropper full but half to one dropper of the high drops definitely takes the edge off and feel little better especially if let it soak under tongue for long as can I always get distracted and swallow on accident early lol @Southernbellesmoker but even with the burn from alcohol I go with Santa Maria when available with it being stronger and kicking in faster/ stronger

  • @Vapedad78 thanks for the solid advice as always!!!

  • Definitely worth a shot if got the extra dough laying round and especially if tolerance isn't high like mine should definitely help long as edibles agree with you, I usually have someone that wants 2nd bottle so makes it easier too but your welcome, wish happy tree would bring back slurp and at slightly more affordable ticket I'd get bunch lol

  • @Vapedad78 ooh yeah I don’t know anything about the slurp!! I’ll keep my eyes open! @HappyTrees anything like that coming soon??

  • Should we order more Santa Maria?

  • Yes please! :)

  • 2nd the Santa Maria and thanks for the quick turnaround, was a little bummed no gmo cookies but obviously understand everything .quickness it made it in and other aspects definitely made up for it so far and haven't even really tried either strain yet

  • Santa Maria are back
    We’ve asked the vendor to put it through a coffee filter and apparently this one has been sitting for months so is probably stronger than usual.

  • @MerlinsMagic man yall on your game today and full of surprises lol again definitely appreciate the superb 👌 customer service, I'll definitely be snagging some in near future just might have to wait for BF math since some other odds and ends on shopping list as well lol keep it coming we'll do our best to keep up lol

  • Very Kool!

  • Thanks @MerlinsMagic i am about to jump on that!!!

  • @MerlinsMagic and @Vapedad78 maaaann those drops taste terrible!!! Y’all weren’t lying! I’ll try the high drops next time 🙃 or maybe go back to the gumdrops! How in the world do you hold that under your tongue!? I feel like a college kid taking a shot of something strong lol I need a chaser!

  • The Santa Maria? I actually liked the taste of the hybrid high drops

  • I got the santa maria and unfortunately they didnt work for me. I held under my tongue for 10 mins almost or until it was all gone. I guess i should just hang it up on edibles

  • @Zackarrry

    You may be missing the enzyme needed for edibles. My BFF is the same. Edibles don't work for her.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 and i hate that bc i hear an edible buzz is where its at

  • @Zackarrry definitely a more heavy buzzy buzz, you could probably achieve the same with a dab or a full spectrum extract like live rosin or honey oil, unfortunately not sold here :(

  • @Zackarrry

    I'm sorry buddy. ☹️

  • @TacticGuy ive beeen requesting honey oil and hash rosin for months now. I guess they cant come across any for a decent price

  • @MigraineWarrior79 thank you i was upset when i figured it out

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