Way to do

So uta order in and didn't get a email saying that the received my order or money. I sent the money and everything what do I do .


  • But you got the confirmation page with qr code with amount and wallet address? Did you refresh page at any point during the process?

  • No I sent the payment and never got a confirmation from med boy . But there looking into it.

  • If Medboy is looking into it then sit tight and wait for his response he will figure it out for you

  • Thanks Gus

  • No I meant the page that shows up after submit order request, that has the amount due and wallet with a qr code in bottom left corner before you even get the order confirmation email

  • Vapedad78 I have the wallet saved to my phone so when I type it in it pops up. I really hope I'm not out the money . Every time I order I use the same wallet.

  • The wallet address you send btc to not from

  • Got it figured out I guess it was mailed the 11 the Bitcoin thing is new to me and I only use it to pay these guys. I'll get it right next time . Lol thanks

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