New concentrates

@HappyTrees do you guys know when some more concentrates will be up??


  • @Zackarrry We're picking them up tomorrow, so soon.

  • My experience in the past (a long long time ago) was with hash from the middle east. Now I'm buying the concentrates which I know come from the USA. But the whole experience is different. First taste, I don't find any of the concentrates I've purchased to have any taste that is remarkable, while my ME hash was delicious plus made you high. The second is I need tips on how to move the sticky gooey stuff from the container and not get it over everything. I use a Kind Jiggy Pen with the vaporizer. Plus I'm old and somewhat shaky. I suppose it will turn out to be a simple process but I live in a state where if you go into a "Tobacco Shop" you have to use euphemisms. Thanks in advance for any help!

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