I hate my local Usps

This is in no way taking a stab at the medicine man crew. I appreciate all the work they do and recently placed another order. I just want to share this experience. My previous order was a ½ ounce of steel magnolia shrooms and my Usps said my address was invalid (it wasn't) and returned it to sender. The situation is taken care of but I'm wondering if this has happened to anyone else?


  • _Yep had to get a po box .
    Chances are your local sorter has figured you out and is grabbing your box when it comes thru. had it happen over the summer first box said no such address then the reship came to the box empty and retaped

  • Thank you for the insight cmweems, If this next package does the same, I'll get a PO

  • yep got a po box across town and now i never have a issue. i have been ordering from medman for 4 yrs and never a problem untill then.

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