Thank you Happy Trees!

Ordered late on Tuesday the 24th and just received my order today (30th). Very quick shipping to the east coast! Package was secure, taped on top of the adhesive on the flat rate boxes. Double vacuum sealed. Flawless shipment. Ordered both the concentrates they have currently. Both are very nice!! Very much as described on the website. Someone else said one of them didn’t have as much flavor as they would have liked but I think they are very fragrant and very tasty! I would definitely suggest low temp for these though. But if you are thinking about trying them, don’t hesitate. Thank you SO MUCH for the freebie @HappyTrees!


  • That’s awesome @TheMad710Chemist! I may try some of that concentrate. Enjoy adding concentrate to my bowls, hence the high tolerance. I ordered a Happy Trees split between Oreoz and Designer Runtz last Thursday the 26th but still no movement. Hoping it will hit the mail stream soon and they will be some good smoke. I’m about empty so now I’ll need to drive over an hour this evening to the closest dispensary to tie me over.

  • @Jaybird922 it would be so nice to have that as an option. Closest one to me is 8 hours

  • I would love a close-ish dispensary to me too! I’m about 8 hours from one as well.

  • Scratch that, took me 2 hrs there, 2.5 hrs back home. But yes, way better than 8 @Zackarrry and @TheMad710Chemist. so I will not complain…lol. So much better just to get it delivered straight to the house which is why I love Medicine Man! But when you run dry…desperation sets in. I wonder if I would’ve driven 8…🤔, probably back in the day, road trip.

  • I have several times to michigan called the boys up and loaded up but that was tma couple years ago age isnt on my side anymore

  • @TheMad710Chemist We're glad you liked it!

  • Hi @HappyTrees, will you be offering anymore Premiums like that “Flapjax”? That was some tasty, potent bud right there. I’d try any Premium bud from that particular grower.

  • edited November 2023

    Flapjacks and Tropical Runtz were 🔥! Got a few beans I'm saving from each of those. @HappyTrees any standouts from the new strains loaded?

  • We will for sure be buying some more premium the next time we pick up.

    @superman38NC Out of all the new strains the Kush Mints is definitely my favorite, after that, I'd say Animal Mints. I really like the guy that grew all our "Mints" strains, he does some good work.

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