Lsd vs psilocybin

Can anyone explain the similarities or differences? I take about a gram of shrooms every now and then and love the trip but the come up is usually unpleasant for me. I’ve takin lsd way back , can’t remember much besides great visual.


  • Have you tried lemon juice for 20 minutes on the shrooms?

  • LSD lasts longer and will generally follow where your thoughts go. So if you’re a worrier you might have a bad trip. If you can control your mind and focus on cool stuff or bring it back to your intention then it’s great!

    LSD can be fun for a dance party, you can take partial doses too to ease your way in… I like 1/4 or 1/3 for social settings without dancing.

    Mushrooms 🍄 they say have a spirit of their own and will make you deal with your shit. So any unresolved baggage may have to get dealt with ready or not.
    But like their life cycle, the muck around in the dirt dealing with the shit, then rise up with the shining fruit of their harvest. Thereby metaphorically there may be emotional and spiritual fruit to enjoy.

    I prefer mushies in a private or small group setting. High doses with a sitter and stationary, low doses with walks in nature or artwork.

  • Thanks Merlin . No @MikeyC but I will next time. Sounds like lsd is similar to shroom trip just more head less body , sounds good to me. sometimes I feel almost poisoned from shrooms till I surrender to the magic, my only shroom complaint

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    “Normally, psilocybin mushrooms transform into psilocin in the stomach through a natural conversion process that takes time. However, certain mushroom species possess an enzymatic process that can perform this conversion in the living mushroom. This phenomenon is often harnessed through techniques like the ‘Lemon Tek,’ where soaking mushrooms in lemon juice facilitates rapid conversion, leading to a faster-acting experience compared to stomach digestion,” Pauli explained.

    Psilocybin isn’t activated until digested by stomach acids and turned into psilocin. This process can be harsh on the digestive system, causing side effects and possibly even muddling the effect. Additionally, lemon tekking brings a faster onset and a shorter mushroom trip.

    The practice may also reduce nausea often associated with “coming up” on mushrooms– ideal for people with sensitive stomachs.

  • Interesting . I’ll be soaking shrooms in lemon juice for 20min from now on thanks Mikey

  • Damn Skippy!

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