Merlins Truffle Cake

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Thanks for the Truffle Cake and shrooms @MerlinsMagic and for the sample of gmo cookies. Pic of Truffle Cake


  • Looks 🔥! What'd you think of the Truffle Cake's effects @G4D2P0?

  • @fm_25 the effects of the Truffle Cake were really nice, made task more easily to complete. Really digging the smell of it. Usually do 2 bowls in the morning and I'm good to go for a couple of hrs last night rolled up a blunt which I had stopped( trying to quit smoking tobacco) and I slept through the night, overall I'm happy with the strain and I would buy again. Thanks @MerlinsMagic

    @TreesPlz thanks!

  • @G4D2P0 thanks for sharing your insights. This strain sounded awesome based on the leafly reviews and now I'm sold after seeing your review!

    @MerlinsMagic your flower strain offerings and packaging/shipping have been top notch. Also the shrooms have been a revelation for me as they've helped a lot with depression the last couple of years. Thank you for everything!

  • @fm_25 have you tried the makilla gorilla from @MerlinsMagic ?

  • @G4D2P0 I haven't had a chance to try the Makilla Gorilla yet. I'm still working through some Golden Teachers I got a while back. Have you tried Makilla Gorilla and if so, do you like them? It's great to see so many different choices on the menu.

  • Yes I have tried them in different occasions @fm_25 this time there a bit more potent. In the past I was able to take 2-3g with this recent order I took .75g and I was feeling it. I would recommend to start with a low dose if u do order some, I also take them to help out with my depression, hopefully they keep them in stock. 🍄 🙏

  • those mushies sound legit @G4D2P0. How much do you usually dose for depression? My go-to dosing has been taking a minidose (.35-.4g) every 3 or 4 days. Sometimes I'll vape some flower after the come up which can be a pretty good time.

  • Hey @fm_25 sorry for te late reply, I usually do .25g or .50g for morning dosing. Now at night I usually do 2g-3g, I do the same I smoke a bowl or 2 after I take them especially with this batch of shrooms. I try to skip a day in between, hope this helps out.

  • @G4D2P0 thanks for sharing your insights, it definitely helps a lot. Sounds like we are on the same page with the smaller doses. I'm still working my way up to the larger 2-3g doses but haven't gotten there yet. Looking forward to my first trip!

  • @fm_25 what keeps me going 😎

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