New Concentrates

@MerlinsMagic @LoudnCo @HappyTrees are any of yall planning on getting any new concentrates in before Christmas? Hoping for some new indica.

Just got in yalls new wedding cake @HappyTrees and it's really great!! Love the consistency!

As always I appreciate everything yall do, your my only source for medicine!


  • We were going to get more premium and concentrates but we got such a good deal on some really good indoor that we couldn't pass it up. We'll get more of those soon though it's definitely on our list of things to buy.

  • Yes I would also love to see some new concentrates on the menu. Specifically new sugar waxes, shatters / pull n snap, badders, etc. In the past, @MerlinsMagic has always had great selection that rotated pretty frequently. But as always, just happy to have access to any at all.
    I really love the Han Solo and Wedding cake from @HappyTrees as well!

  • I see you... I have a big shopping trip tis week, will get some variety for sure. My fridge was getting too full, so I put everything on sale and wanted it to clear out before getting any new concentrates.

    But I'm getting ready now.

    @Cob @TheMad710Chemist

  • @MerlinsMagic i am so thankful for you!!!!

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