Wondering about this lately. I think lollies or lozenges or tablets. Just something safe and effective ! ♡


  • Maybe they'll add some meth and tranq too 😀

  • Lol i was thinking more for the ketamine therapy without the hefty clinic prices!

  • @Supernaturalhigh i second this! Would love to try ketamine from a reputable source for your same reasoning. I’ve always wanted to try it in clinic settings but I am poor and no insurance so it’s a non-option for me.

  • @TreesPlz one stop shop 😂 😆

  • I've considered sharing this, but after witnessing the destruction it's wreaked on our community, can't handle the karma. Same reason I'm not selling cocaine and crack.

    Although it does have the potential to get people out of suicidal ideations in extreme cases, it's actually really hard to find pure ketamine (vets have different mixes and everyone on the streets cuts it)

    Beyond that, it is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. Although safe for occasional high dose for surgery or whatever, long term chronic recreational use will destroy your kidney and liver not to mention nasal passages if you're snorting.

    It is highly effective at allowing you to ignore and bypass your issues, so you don't actually deal with them, but float away not actually connecting with people and halfway outside your body, not giving AF, and slowly losing your friends and close relations.

    I know 3 people personally who have died from this substance, from liver issues, trying to drive with it, and fentanyl contamination. Several more that have become semi-psychotic, hearing voices and allowing other personalities to take them over AKA possession.

    So no, sorry not sorry I will not be offering ketamine.

    Depression issues? Take mushrooms
    Chronic pain? Take the chronic
    Want to travel out of body? Take the DMT, spirit molecule

    Pleeeeease consider alternative to the white powder, and if you get it on the streets test for fentanyl, and make sure you're using a test kit properly.

  • @ MerlinsMagic

    Thanks for letting me know . I do appreciate it honestly. The reason i was even looking was because i was trying to do the ketamine theraputic low dose treatment that goes along with therapy for ocd and depression and its just alot of $ from the online clinics like mindbloom so i thought this could be a safe way to go since i already see a therapist with my insurance. . Id never try the street or anything like that , it was just for trying to get my mind right. Antidepressants havnt really worked for me

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    Merlin basically covered it, but I’ll also add that there’s always studies for ketamine therapy being done. Those are usually pretty safe and have someone there to watch you. If you can find one nearby it’s worth a shot.

  • Thanks for the explanation.

  • @MerlinsMagic good looking out for the community, was worried things might get out of hand here with psychedelics being the max, good call. Uneeded heat to the site and extremely dangerous substances for the average person. Appreciate yall.

  • @Supernaturalhigh have you tried mushrooms?
    There are a number of protocols for micro dosing for depression. Also excersize and better food

  • @MerlinsMagic just ordered some microdose mush gummies with my lovedrops !! Gonna start with one every few days , do u recommend morning or night?? Also do u think i shud wait on lovedrops a few days before the gummy or can i do one the next day after the other? Sorry for all the questions lol just trying to figure a good routine. Thank uuu ♡

  • That's basically a stack I'm looking forward to^

  • @Supernaturalhigh Take the microdose in the morning.

    Take 5htp supplement from the store the morning after love drops and you should be good to go without waiting.

    The shrooms and love drops can mix pretty well, but as a newbie I would experience them both separately first

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