We got new vapes!

Hello, Medman fam! Yesterday we got some new vapes up on the site. They're from our old vape connection, we couldn't get any for a good couple of months but we're happy that they're making them again because we really like the quality of the product that this supplier provides. For anyone who purchases our vapes, we want to make sure that you know to turn them on there is a button on the side of the vape that you have to press five times to turn it on. It took us longer than we'd like to admit to figure that out and we were worried for a second that we had gotten a batch of duds! I figured I'm probably not the only one who's going to run into this issue so I wanted to make sure everyone knows. Anyway, hope everyone is having a happy holiday season from the HT team!


  • @HappyTrees looking to grab some now since you noted this, any chance I can do the qty of 4 and mix sativa and hybrid in the notes of the order form or do we need to stick with the way it's shown and order 2 of each? Just wanting to try 4 of them at the bulk price and not all one type. Thank you as always!

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    @HappyTrees the description doesn't explicitly state what kind of fluid, are they live resin or distillate mixed with diamonds? I remember yall did both at some point and I'm not sure which was the original, could be good to add to the description as well haha. I'll be ordering soon once I'm sure, thanks yall.

  • Upon closer inspection the box says liquid diamonds and live resin :0 sounds awesome, is that exactly what they are? Thanks again.

  • @Hideurself Yessir we always do our best to honor splits. If you order that way we will do it.

    @TacticGuy Yup it's live diamonds and live resin.

  • @HappyTrees Thank you! Done! Looking forward to trying them!

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