Drug Test

I have a pre-employment drug test possibly coming up... any recommendations for passing test?


  • @Cob look into the whizzinator or the urinator. Have to take them often so I opted for the battery powered one but both work the same..

  • @Hideurself thanks, will this synthetic stuff pass at one of those drug testing places or labs?

  • @Cob, Sure will, they put proteins and organics in it just like the real thing.

  • Temp is important. The sample cups have a thermometer on the side.
    Don’t let anybody watch you. That’s just gross. Invasion of privacy.
    Be cool, calm, and quick.
    The people in private labs don’t care too much.

  • Thanks everyone!!

  • I can help!! I am telling you this will 100% work! If you use cannabis and have a drug test, I can clear it within a few days. Go to Walmart and get charcoal tablets. Buy a lot! Strat taking 4-6 pills every few hours- all day. Drink an ass load of water. Charcoal works for me. I am testing my urine every day(a coup Times). I can get a negative test within 3-4 days. I would say to get at least a bottle of charcoal down a day and a gallon or more of water. I promise you will be good. Let me know if it works for yoy

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    I passed a 7-panel drug screening at Quest Diagnostic using the Monkey Whizz belt kit. Follow the directions and you will pass even the most scrutinized test.

  • Can't go wrong with the certo & sports drink method. Drink a few days before & water otherwise & drink one more about an hour before & you'll have a window of 3 hours or so to show clean. Good luck.

  • There's no reason to use a fake penis unless you're on probation or something and they are watching you pee. I have used quick fix synthetic urine 3 times now and no issues...I get it at the local head shop and keep it in some briefs when I go to test. Temp is important!

  • Get a bottle with a temp strip and rubber band a hand warmer to it. Crotch the bottle with water and monitor the temp make sure it stays near 97. Fill with piss for the real run. I made custom boxers for the task . https://www.detoxforless.com/pass-a-drug-test/fake-pee-plus.html

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