Loud and usps

Ordered some apples and bananas from Loud. Got an email confirm on Saturday at 11:00 and it’s out for delivery.
Knock on wood, I can’t complain.
Ordered the strawberry from HT yesterday. Looking forward to that.
In case anybody cares


  • Ordered from loud last Thursday the 8, had lable created next day awaiting package, still waiting for package to start moving, been customer on here when bitcoin was under 300 $,last order from ht was subbed ultra premium even though strain was still on menu week later, been thru everything on this site but this will be my last order from this site, don't know what your getting or when.completely dissappointed.luckily live near legal states and found a few other sites you can your meds

  • I order 8th as well and also haven't seen any movement just label but put in 11th with Merl as well just in case and necessity, however I've almost exclusively gotten exactly what I requested besides maybe 1 or 2 times with also ridiculous number of request made over the years now and majority of the time there's a very reasonable turnaround time from start to finish, could it be quicker... possibly I'm not sure but I am sure I'd rather be safe than sorry and things get messed up when they move to fast . Now trying to convince my brain of all that isn't always the easiest but I stand by it. These guys always deliver and it's always quality for the total

  • I ordered from Loud on the 9th and the package arrived today.

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    My last Loud order was 5 days..not bad at all! Same with HT and Merlin..guess it just depends. @leaf how's that A & B?

  • That's crazy idk how or why it does that cause I'm sitting here waiting since last Thursday but hadn't shown movement at all I know doesn't mean it isn't but still kicks up anxiety when left wondering bout it and ordered from Merl since they showed back up on menu earlier than originally were supposed to on 11th and it hasn't shown any motion either besides finally getting a label showing yesterday but could definitely use a miracle and either them show up out blue tomorrow 🤣🤷‍♂️

  • Merl's made it to origin for departure finally still no word bout louds from few days previous to that but fingers crossed mm pulls it out his ass tomorrow 🤣

  • @superman38NC received my apples and bananas last might. It’s listed as a premium from Loud.
    Fluffy buds. Sweet aroma. I’m not sensitive to most bud flavors but this has a distinct apple taste. Quick onset of relaxation, then mellow till bedtime. But no couch lock. Above average strength.
    Yes, I’m happy with this one.
    Have a great weekend.

  • Up pm zip from loud finally started moving after a week but request from 8th and 11th both now showing 20th but they'll show eventually just 99% probably not getting pulled out mm ass today unfortunately by the looks, which is some unfortunate phrasing just tryna figure why it does that, sometimes fastest delivery outta no where other time sits for a week seemingly no real reason

  • Welp both things made it to area over weekend so expected would see today and seen truck drive down street and even though was here in plenty time guess since says expected by tomorrow, they're in no rush and waiting til tomorrow to complete both missions for some reason, I'll definitely survive but would be awesome if they'd dropped least the one from 8th off but either would been nice didn't have to have both today but neither isn't favorite solution either lol

  • @Vapedad78 there is no mail today, it's a federal holiday.

  • They were delivering some though on my street anyways

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