Torch vape pens

Anybody get the Torch vape pens from Merlin? I bought three and none of them work. The instructions aren’t hard by any means but none of the three I bought hit at all. Press 5 times to turn, twice to preheat and press to hit. Nothing. I charged them and repeated. Nothing. Tried again and again. Nothing. Now I’m just frustrated. Any thoughts?


  • Probably something not working right, did it light up or blink at all?

  • hmm that's odd that all three of them didnt work. We occasionally get a defective one. I'll ask merlin to test some of them.

  • So you go straight trust and bash the site. Wow. Give them a chance to fix your problem.

  • Didn’t mean to call you out. I understand frustration.

  • Getting them started sometimes is hard… suck like a Dyson after pre heating!!! Make sure it wasn’t too cold.

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